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Kamis, 17 April 2008

Beauty Girl

The experts warned that as much as possible you do not share cosmetics, especially trying to make up testers in beauty outlets. Your habits like sharing makeup is very risky on the transmission of diseases caused by bacteria.

Bottle or container that is used as a tester is believed to be mengeskpos E-coli bacteria to conjunctivitis (eye disease) that can infect a number of infections. United States researchers have found that all the make-up products they tested contained E-coli, a major cause of food poisoning, which can cause skin infections on the users of cosmetics and even herpes simplex virus, which causes cold injury.

"Wherever you can view the E-coli, you just have to think about 'E-coli together with the dirt. Because there is a possibility after a person goes to the bathroom, they do not wash their hands and then try the existing cosmetics Beauty Shop," said dr. Elizabeth Brooks, a professor of biology at Jefferson Medical College in Pennsylvania, who led the research.

In this study, the researchers spent two years analyzing the make-up samples taken from department stores, specialist shops and pharmacies. They use sterile cotton to take samples of products, including makeup to skin, eyes and lips. They then transfer it into a make-up chemicals where bacteria can grow. The result, approximately 67-100 percent of the product showed some level of contamination.

According to researchers makeup will be more likely to be contaminated on Saturday - the busiest shopping day of the week. Therefore, they recommend that if you really want to try make-up before buying do it on a weekday, where visitors are coming and using makeup testers are generally much less so any risk of contamination is smaller. Or ask the 'single tester' or mini-sample to only one person. And last but not least, you should wash the face after trying to make up from beauty stores and more careful when trying the make up of the eye.

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