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Sabtu, 17 Januari 2009

Hot Pic : Dwi Putrantiwi

Sorrow and concern for victims of natural disasters in the country is feeling people everywhere, including artist and sexy model Dwi Putrantiwi. For that, he was with Hesti Purwadinata and other colleagues to take action in the area of fundraising Kemang, South Jakarta. Precisely, in Box Mart.

Action requested donations to the motorists who passed by and a number of people who were hanging out in Kemang dilakoni Dwi Putrantiwi the middle of the two entities. "Thank God, there is also donate to a pregnant woman," Dwi said as quoted by Celebrity Status on SCTV, Wednesday (3 / 11).

The plan, assistance in cash and thrift will be taken to the post to send to victims of natural disasters of Mount Merapi. There was a funny moment Dwi seeking donations. On the road, he met a man who looked like with her husband, Christian.

"This Christian version of its Chinese, hahaha joke ...," Dwi to the man he did not know it.

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