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Minggu, 01 Maret 2009

Julie Estelle

Julie Estelle Gasnier (born in Jakarta on 4 January 1989; age 20 years) is the image model, the ad stars, and actress of Indonesia. The descendants of French girls, Menado, Tionghoa known this since starting play in the film Alexandria (2005), which is also the first film. Through this film, Julie reach nominated Most Favorite Rising Star MTV. Previous Julie more active as a photo model. Other films that have been dibintangi brother uterus VJ Cathy Sharon is Dealova, Kuntilanak and Forever. In addition to a photo model, she also had video clips star Matta Band.

Girls who have high body 170 cm has involved case law as reported by Islam Defenders Front (FPI) on 18 July 2006 because they have committed immoral acts. The report related to the photographs of himself in the third edition of Playboy magazine version of a published early July 2006. At the beginning of the year 2008, the last Kuntilanak perilisan trilogy, back dikejutkan by public photos beredarnya Julie with a bikini. Julie was considered as the image is still in reasonable extent as is done on the beach with my family and large kekasihnya, Moreno Soeprapto. In mid-year 2008, contact Julie Moreno-dikabarkan ended.

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clnt2009 mengatakan...

Well I am speechless on looking towards this two pictures...She is looking beautiful.

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Siladitya mengatakan...

wow Julie Estelle looking nice and adorable.Great more sexy wallpaper.

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