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Jumat, 03 April 2009

Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy (born in Jakarta, June 29, 1994, age 14 years) is a young actress of Indonesia. Nikita Willy started his career in Indonesia the world of entertainment since the age of 7 years through sinetron Moon Stars. Name start Nikita Willy known public, when a role in the dime novel with sinetron actors Evan Sanders.
Dude Herlino main opponent in the sinetron 'Nikita', Nikita Willy, have a hobby turns sleeping in the school. In fact at this time Nikita who sit third in the junior must prepare for the national exam. "Nggak papa kok, soalnya I most like to sleep in the sports lessons. One the first day to sleep in class, one hour longer participate in new sports," said Nikita while laughing, when found in Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (1/4/2009 ).
For Nikita, a national test is not a matter that should be feared too. Prepare for it as long as well, he sure can through the test. Syuting chase each process running the middle of the Nikita dilakoni also not a problem. To syuting, both parents are already giving limits. Stars ads that usually demand new start syuting home after school until 23:00 at WIB. When Nikita learn? "Kan already learning in school," she relaxed.
Nikita (Nikita Willy) is an orphaned girl and a steadfast avoidance surrender. Malang for Nikita, menimpanya accident a few years ago, so the blind eyes. Nikita many times to the hospital, looking for donor cornea. However, 7 years passed, he not get it. Nikita eventually get from the donor eye Dr. PRITA (Cathy Sharon)

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